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Increase Adsense Earning with ezoic tool over 500%
Are your website ads earning dropping day by day and you are unsatisfied with this then ezoic is the best tool ever to increase your website adsense ads earning over 500% or some users it's goes to 1200%. In this post, i will share my personal experience with ezoic and help you to set up ezoic easily.

What is ezoic?

Ezoic is the world largest Google Adsense Certified program. It's automated ads testing platform for content publisher. Using ezoic, you can increased your adsense revenue, improved user experience (which means more traffic), seo ranking and instant mobile and tablet version of your website and you will happy to hear that it's completely free.

Is ezoic Trusted?

You are given your website ads earning to ezoic so may be you are thinking that is it spam or trusted. In this section, i will tell you it's 100% trusted. I already mention that ezoic is Google Adsense certified program. If you want, you can see list of Google Certified Ad Partners and their see 3 column list.

Why i used ezoic?

I used ezoic from 8 months to my other website. Before useing ezoic my adsense earning was $5-10 per day and i was surprised after using ezoic my earning goes to $40-60 and day by day it's increasing.
See my recent earning screenshot from below image.
Increase your Website Ads Earning by Ezoic

Ezoic ad setup some times it's difficult for beginner but don't worry i will make it easy for you.

Follow below 6 steps to integrate ezoic with your site:

  1. How to open an account?
  2. How to integrate it with your blog?
  3. Add header code
  4. How to create new ad units and convert all existing ad units to serve via ezoic.
  5. Apply for Goolge Ad Exchange
  6. Turn on ezoic

Step 1: How to open an account?

- Click on "Get Started" from menu and fill up everything. See following screenshot for better understand.
The next step is integrate it.

Step 2: How to integrate it with your blog?

After open an account, your new dashboard will look like this and you need to start with these three steps first.
Ezoic Integrate, Set up ad testing and turn on ezoic
- Click on Integrate Your Site.
- And you will see two option such as "Name Servers", "Code Snippet".

Name Servers: You can integrate it by changing nameservers (recommended because 95% of ezoic publisher use this method). You need to update your name servers for your website. In order to do so, you will need to go to your DNS provider and change your name servers.

Code Snippet: They will give you a javascript code just add it after <head> tags. You can use this method both custom domain and subdomain such as * If you are using wordpress, you can use free header and footer WordPress Plugin to add these code. For blogger go to Theme>Edit HTML and paste javascript code after <head> tags.

Step 3: Add header code

After integrated, go back to dashboard ( here is the direct link ) and click on "Set up Ad Testing".

- You need to add javascript code between <head> tags.
If you are using wordpress, you can use free header and footer WordPress Plugin to add these code. For blogger go to Theme>Edit HTML and paste javascript code after <head> tags.

- Once you add the code, click on "Continue to Step 2". You will see a page like below screenshot. Stay on this page and go to next step.
Create New Ad Units

Step 4: How to create new ad units and convert all existing ad units to serve via ezoic

This is the most important part. Read it slowly.

  • You MUST wrap your existing ad units so that the system can test your existing ad locations in conjunction with new ones.
  • If you don’t wrap your ads, they will show up on both the original and test layouts, which could end up violating to their policy.
  • Only your existing ads need to be wrapped. For example, if you have three AdSense ads on your site right now, then you will have three wrapped ads per page. 

- Click on "Settings" (here is the direct link) at the top of the Ad Tester page.
Ezoic Ads Tester Settings
- Click on "Add Display Ad Unit"
Ezoic Add Display Ad Unit
From "Create Ad Unit" section there are some options you need to choose.

1. Choose where the Ad placeholder will go.
Ezoic ad placeholder
2. Select the devices for the ad placeholder to show on.
Ezoic Ad Placeholder Devices
3. Pick the size of ads that should be shown in this ad unit.
Pick Ads Size in Ezoic
After set up everything as your choice, click on "Create Ad" and placeholder code will be generated for you.
Ezoic create ad button
The creating code will look like this 
Ezoic creating ad code
Now you need to convert/wrap your existing(any ad network) add code within the Ezoic placeholder, like this.
Wrap existing ezoic ad
See below screenshot that wrapped an existing adsense code.

By following above steps, you can create another new placeholder ad unit. We suggest to create 5-8 ezoic palceholder ad units so that system has a lot of options to test.

Note:- You can also just paste ezoic placeholder ad code anywhere of the website where adsense or other ads network code has not be added.

Step 5: Apply for Google's Ad Exchange

After integrating ezoic, a fourth link will appear on your dashboard to apply to ADX. Go to dashboard ( here is the direct link ) and click on "Apply for Google's Ad Exchange".
Ezoic Google Ad Exchange
Click on that and fill out a form and your application will be submitted. Now again back to dashboard and below of "Apply for Google's Ad Exchange", you will see that
We are waiting for Google to review your application. This can take from 1 – 24 hours.
For faster approval of your site, you can chat with them live chatting. In live chat, send your website google analytics screenshot. Live chat only available after your login at the bottom of page.

Step 6: Turn on Ezoic

Go to Settings(here is the direct link) and click on "Turn Ezoic on & off" manage section.
Turn on & off ezoic
Choose the percentage of traffic you would like to direct to ezoic by device and click on "Save Changes" button.
You are done and ads will show soon.

Ad testing & placement:

Once you done all of above section, now you are thinking that have you set up all correctly. Don't worry, Install Ezoic Chrome Addon & Watch this video.

Key part to become success on Ezoic

To become successful publisher on ezoic, below i have shared my key part on ezoic. I recommend you to follow this and 100% sure it will dramatically increase your website earning like me.

  • Remember that it's not a short time solution. You should be looking at this long term - and plan to give the system a few weeks before you see a big improvement. I have seen my improvement day by day.
  • I have created 8 placeholder ad units, 3 for wrap existing adsense ads and 5 for other place.
  • It's optional: I have connected my adsense account with ezoic by installing Mediation app from app store ( here is the direct link ). It's not mandatory but it will definitely help your overall revenue improvement.  It allows you to include adsense with the Ezoic ad partners for the impression bidding, allowing an extra layer of competition getting you more for every ad impression.  There are zero risks or downfalls to using this feature. 
  • First time i started with ezoic, i set 30% of my taffic to Ezoic with the rest to my original ads while the system is ramping up. Then when i see Ezoic earning more i turn the traffic up to 90%. You can change the value from "Turn on Ezoic" ( here is the direct link ) section.
  • There live chat is so friendly for everything. If you want, you can chat with them by live chatting.

How to receive payment from ezoic?

Everybody we know that adsense pay us through Wire transfer, EFT or Western Union, but ezoic is different and there are lot of payout options. The minimum payment threshold is $20.
Ezoic payment threshold
Ezoic number of payment list:
- Check
- Paypal
- Dwolla Email
- Dwolla ID
- US Bank Transfer Via Payoneer
- International Bank Transfer Via Payoneer

You need to set up your default payment option from "Payment Settings" and then per monthly basis they will pay you automatic to your selected payment
Ezoic Payment Settings

That's it and i am sure that it has increased your website earning like me. If you face any problem or want to know something about it, you can tell me by comment or send message to my facebook page, i will be happy to help you.