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Blogger Search Page Limit
In this tutorial, codiblog will give you a few tips on how to limit the number of posts that appear when searching for an article in the blog page search. This trick is very easy and you can applied in on my 12 Stylish Beautiful Blogger/Blogspot Search Box post.

How to Limit the number of Post in Blogger Search

Step 1: Login to Blogger.
Step 2: Choose your blog and go to Theme.
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML.
Step 4: Click anywhere inside the code area.
Step 5: Press Ctrl+F from keyboard to open a search bar.
Step 6: Search following code.
Step 7: Replace above code by following code
Determine the number of 10 on how many posts you want to display in search page.
Step 8: Click on Save theme and see the result.

If you add search bar by blogger Layout>Add a Gadget, follow (Step 6 - 7).

Enjoy this simple trick and improve your blogger editor knowledge.