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Everybody we know that google adsense is the best monetization platform for it's tools, content related ads and highly revenue share. May be, One day your living adsense account can be blocked if you don't follow their adsense rules.

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As my research, most of the newly adsense publisher don't follow this. So, their adsense account blocked after approving few days. Every publisher must need to follow all of adsense rules to save their account. I have collected 11 google adsense rules and when i will find more, i will update this post.

Google Adsense Rules

  1. Keep one of Privacy Policy page in your website. If you have no idea, how to create a privacy policy page, you can see my Privacy Policy page.
  2. Don't ever click on ads by you, automated software, bots, friends, online group or any other artificial click.
  3. Many newly publishers encourages their visitors to click on the advertisement like "Pls click my banner advertisements on sidebar". Don't do this. Google adsense robot all time crawl your site. If they find any misleading text, they will block your account.
  4. Don't set up your adsense ad in bad place such as below of title. Their visitor hesitate where need to click. Here are two foolish example.

  5. It's trying to mislead readers to click on post title

    It's trying to mix content with advertisement
  6. Some people hide "Ads by Google" text by css or html code so that people think they aren't ads. Don't do this, it's violation of google adsense policies.
  7. According to Google adsense policies, you can not add adsense ads in Popups, live chat, instant messaging, or auto-refreshing.
  8. If your site drive traffic to online gambling site, such as through organic link. Don't do it, it's now violate with google adsense policies.
  9. If you website generate traffic from paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf and click-exchange programs, you adsense account will be blocked.
  10. If you put your adsense ad with little or no original content, your adsense account will be blocked.
  11. Don't put adsense in unsupported language. See Adsense Supported Language
  12. Don't put your adsense ads on 404 error page, unsubscribe page or welcome page.

That's it for now.