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Cloud storage service allow their online users to upload and share large files by using their site without the need for any hardware mediator. May be you are think that you want to share very large file to a friend and do not rely on USB flash drives or any other kind of physical media, you can opt for online sharing service.

Google drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and onedrive, there are dozens of sites and they offer this type of service. You can use them but i will share another ten free and simple to use options.

1. GE.TT
In you have 2Gb of free space to share any type of file, simply drag and drop the file, wait for the upload is finished, generating unique link allows anyone to download the file without having to login.
GE free online cloud share service

2. 4Shared
4Shared is the most popular file sharing services in the cloud, offer free and paid service, withing the site is still possible to search for files.
4share popular cloud service

3. GigaSize
The Gigasize allow their users to upload files up to 10 Gb. You can include title, description and password in the uploaded file and share them.
GigaSize Secure Free Cloud Service

4. File Dropper
The File Dropper allow their users to upload file without registration, just upload the file and generating unique link or embedded code share any site or forum. Maximum per file upload size limit 5GB
File Dropper Simple File Share Service

5. DropCanvas
DropCanvas offers 1Gb of space to store files. Drag and drop the file in the browser, once the file upload finish Dropcanvas create a unique link that can be share.
DropCanvas Free Cloud Service

6. WeTransfer
The WeTransfer One of the another most popular service for sharing files in the cloud that offer free and paid service. It has several additional features, allow the user to share files and send the link directly to email.
WeTransfer Free Cloud Service

7. File Convoy
The File Convoy allow to send files via direct link or directly by email without registration. You can also set a download link expiration from 2 hours to 28 days.
File Convoy Cloud Service

8. Sendspace
The Sendspace upload capacity is limited to 300MB per file. You must inform them email of who want to receive the file to download or who is sending. All of the process are automatic and it's like WeTransfer.
Sendspace File Sharing cloud service

9. Senduit
Senduit per file upload capacity up to 100MB, allow the user to set link expiring time ranging between 30 minute to one week old.
Senduit Unlimited Cloud Site

10. Just Beam it
Just Beam it another cloud provider service, just drag and drop the file or click the parachute to send the file for upload. Generate a unique link and also a QR code to download from mobile devices.
Just Beam it Cloud Service

These all of sites offer make it very simple to send and receive large files over the internet without having to use any physical media.