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Change blogger comment avatar size
In previously, i have posted how to change anonymous avatar size in blogger. Today i will share another trick on change blogger default comment avatar size. If you do it by css, your avatar size will increase but image quality will not improve. It will show like blurry. If you do it by javascript, it will help you to show avatar with best quality.

How to Change Blogger Comment Avatar Size by Javascript

It's very simple just follow my tutorial. 
1. Login your Blogger account
2. Go to Theme
3. Click Edit Html
4. Click anywhere inside the code area.
5. Press CTRL+F to open a search bar.
6. Now search following code
7. Generate width and height from input below box then paste code before </body> tags.
Width(Write Exam:70): 
Height(Write Exam:70): 

8. Again search following code
9. Paste below generated css code before ]]></b:skin> tags
10. After done everything click on Save template button to apply the change.

That's it. Now check your blog comments avatar and it will look nice with bigger quality.