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Font awesome is a free icon fonts. By using this icon, you can add any font icon without coding. Now at this moment, it's most popular for their awesome created icons. We also used this in our website and every blogger need to add this on their own site.

For this you need to install their CDN link. Let's see how you can add this and use on your own website.

How to Add Font Awesome CDN

Copy following code and paste it to before </head> tags 
<link href="//" rel="stylesheet"/>
When new version will update in their website just replace red value 4.7.0 with it. You can see new version from their official website. Per new update they will add new icon so it's chance for you to add new icons in your websites.
Add Fontawesome icon and Use

How to Use Font Awesome Icons

You will find list of all available icons set here and you can add following text for display
<i class="fa fa-coffee" aria-hidden="true"></i>
in e.g. text widgets, post/page editor or anywhere.

For a exmaple Go to this link and see following image how you can find above code.

Font Awesome Icon List
Font Awesome Icon Code
Then copy your icon code and paste anywhere on your website where support HTML format.

Official Font Awesome Site:

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