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blogger css code
Every blogger want to make their website code simple and right way. New blogger or new developer they have no idea where need to place the css code. It's very simple tricks but effective. It will not only make your code looking good but also make your website load faster.

We have researched on many blogger widgets tutorial and show that all added css code between <style type="text/css">..css code..</style> or <style>..css code..</style>. They added them so that you can add widgets easily but i will suggest, always try to add css code by following way.

How to add css code to blogger

Let's for a example we will add following css code in blogger. Remember that when you will add css code by this way, you don't need copy <style type="text/css"></style> these tags.
p {
    word-wrap: break-word;
Step 1: Go to blogger 
Step 2: Click on Theme
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML button
Step 4: Click anywhere inside the code area.
Step 5: Press CTRL+F from keyboard
Step 6: Search following code
Step 7: Add following css code or any kind of css code before ]]></b:skin> tags.
p {
    word-wrap: break-word;
Step 8: Click on Save template

That's it. I think that you enjoyed this post.