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If you want to choose a specific plugin, do not forget to set the idea of the ad format for your blog. A perfect set up ads can boost your earning. So, We have shared some extremely WordPress plugin.


AdPress WordPress Plugin
Starting with a very complete plugin that brings a great depth of features from its high customization, management of advertising campaigns, integration with paypal systems for self management of your ads and more. Premium Plugin - $35 US dollars.


WP125 Free WordPress Plugin
This plugin has greatly facilities for its use, some features such as the ad's display statistics over time (days) exposure , or through one / two columns. Free plugin through the repository WordPress.
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WordPress Advertising Plugin
For a "super-easy" management of advertising systems, it has compatibility to display ads through javascript, also with settings  geolocation , and other great features not found so easily in this type of Plugin Free solutions through or Premium for $25 with additional functions.

WP Pro Advertising System

Wp Advertising Plugin
Another excellent advertising management tool, brings you features like banners or campaigns  adzones , displaying them as widgets, iframes, or via shortcodes. It also has statistics and preparation for multi-site and multi-language. Premium Plugin - $25
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SmartPop-Up Box

WordPress PopUp Advertising Plugin
This popup WordPress plugin support to show ads with PopUp box. It's support to ifram, video, image and text. Plugin premium $12

Simple Ads Manager

Advertising Simple WordPress Plugin
Beware of the name, do not go the "simple" lead us into error, because it is a plugin with great extensibility and advanced features. Plugin Free.


WP insert free plugin
By supporting multiple ad systems (including the same time) in the 'index' or on each page or article. One of the free plugins more used to WordPress. Plugin Free

Interstial Ads

WordPress Advertising Plugin
This plugin designed to make your blog a high source of income, allows easy configuration of advertising systems, such as AdSense, AdBrite, ClickBank, compatibility with HTML, images or videos, among many other details. Plugin Premium: $18 dollars.

Post Layout

WordPress Unlimited Layout Ad Plugin
Plugin so simple that it seems lie, but extremely effective. Dedicated to the creation of a space where you can paste your Adsense code (or similar system). Free Plugin.


Banner WordPress Advertising Plugin
Plugin with various formats of  banners pre designed (the most used by ad platforms) can be used through widgets and shortcodes, and statistics through the click count and even options to configure ad by priority and date display. Plugin Premium: $20.


Best Free WordPress Ad Plugin
It has extremely professional solution, using readings from very deep statistics, ability to create ads or use external platforms with static or rotating effects and still set by date. Premium Plugin $29 dollars.

Banner Manager Pro

WordPress Ad Banner Manager Pro Plugin
More than one application to manage ads, this Manager Pro goes further, also allows directly sell its space to the advertiser. Compatibility with payment systems like PayPal, Skrill, etc ... Premium Plugin $18 US dollars.
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Corner Ad

Corner WordPress Plugin
Brings greater creativity to display advertising, working exclusively in the upper corners of the page. Plugin Free.

WordPress Ad-Manager

WordPress Ad Manager Plugin
WordPress Ad-Manger help you to place ads simply in any kind of page like posts, page or any kind of place. In features introduced us to its ease of use as a major  asset . Premium Plugin $18 dollars.


WordPress Free AdPress Plugin
Free plugin or premium which is shown as an excellent option for its extensibility options in both versions. Free plugin through WordPress or through premium version for $15


Publisher WordPress Ad Plugin
This plugin is intended to show is much more robust than any other, such is the depth you want to get (and their fee structure, which shows justifiable), Premium Plugin $47 dollars.


Center WordPress Plugin
Another more professional solution that is presented to us, with the 'top' features we already know, with unlimited customization or configuration, but as expected requires a higher investment. Premium Plugin from $49 dollars.

Float Left Right Advertising

Advertising Left Right Plugin
Extremely interesting brings us a new ideology. It is a plugin to display ads on the blog side, which often are empty and reserved for this purpose. Free Plugin.

Ad Code Manager

Ad code manager WP Plugin
A specific solution to make life easier for developers, giving them an extensive customizability of their ads through the panel created in WordPress. Free Plugin.

Ads by

WordPress Ads Plugin Datefeedr
Extremely easy to use just to  upload the ads needed, and choose the desired locations (via shortcode's or php) for ads to be displayed randomly. Free Plugin.