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The user has chosen to hide files and folder from others. In fact, the file is still there, in the same directory with the same properties, just not visible to other people. This can be very useful to prevent accidental deletion of file system or simply to hide any confidential information of others.

This tutorial help you how to enable a function to view hidden files and folders.

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Step 1: Press windows key + x from keyboard  and click Control Panel
Control Panel
Step 2: Click on Appearance and Personalization option. If this option is not visible in front of you, change the control panel display (top right corner) to Category.
Appearance and Personalisation Control Panel
Step 3: Click File Explorer Options and Show hidden files and folders.
Step 4. Go down the scroll bar to the bottom and check the Show hidden files, folders and drives. Then click on Apply.
Show Hidden Files in Windows
Step 5; To hide these items again, just check the Do not show hidden files, folder and drives.

Some items Windows is already hidden by default due to system security reasons. To enable viewing of these files, you will also be able to delete them.