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Create XML Sitemap
If you already have a blog and want it to have good visibility in the search engine, you must need to fully prepare it for SEO (search engine optimization).

Creating a XML sitemap for your blog is some time critical. You can make a sitemap only in XML, HTML or both format.

If you use WordPress, there are two excellent plugins that do all this for your blog. If you use blogger, you don't need to think about it because blogger automatic generate XML format sitemap.

What is Sitemap

Sitemap is a document that help search engine robots to find all the page on your site. It is a external page with links to all articles/post/pages that written on your blog.

You can see our sitemap page by Click Here

XML Sitemap: With a XML Sitemap, other data is added to the page, such as the importance and refresh rate of each article.

HTML Sitemap: With a HTML Sitemap, it's a simpler for readers to search and also the search engine follow them easily

How to Create Sitemap in WordPress

Blogger created this automatically so here i will tell you how to create XML or HTML sitemap page in WordPress by plugin.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin: It is a free plugin and one of the most used in the WordPress World. It's generate sitemap page automatic for your blog.

HTML Sitemap Plugin: If you want a HTML sitemap, use the HTML Sitemap Page plugin which give you many configuration options.

After create a sitemap page then submit it to search engine so that your site in indexed more quickly.