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In online, you will find many tool to determine your web page size but they are limit. We all know that now website page speed not only a search engine ranking factor but also it will improve your visitor experience, sales and bounce rate etc. Always try to keep your website page less size. A average small website page size is 12 kb, and that will load quickly.

But large page size can be ok if your html file is both small and coded to reduce browser rendering time. I will share a simple tips how you can see web page size by browser. Now you can use this in Mozilla Firefox

How to Show Web Page Size?

Let's following below step.
  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Visit any website example:
  3. After full web page load, click on right button from mouse
  4. Click on View Page Info. See following image
  5. Web Page Size Check
  6. A pop up window will open and you will see your web page size in general tab. See following image
  7. Website page size check by browser
That's it. Remember this and Happy Commenting!

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