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Upload Files to Blogger for Download
Blogger is the best blogging platform which is created by google. It's completely free hosting with unlimited posts and traffics. You just need to pay for purchase a domain or you can use there free sub-domain, if you have no money.

Sometimes you want to upload any data/files and share to download link on your wesbites. At present, you can not do this in blogger directly by post editor. But don't worry, there are another option to upload any data/file in google by using Google Drive.

How to Upload Files to Blogger for Download

  1. Go to Google Drive.
  2. Click on New > Folder and name the folder name Blogger Files and click on Create.
  3. Google Drive for Blogger
  4. Open the newly created folder.
  5. Click on New > File Upload and select the file which you want to upload.
  6. Upload Files to Blogger
  7. After uploaded file, Right-click on it and click on Share
  8. Direct Download link for Blogger/Blogspot
  9. Click on Copy link
  10. Share Downlink link to Blogger
  11. Open Notepad and paste copied link in Notepad.
  12. Then again copy below link and paste it to Notepad.
    Google Drive Direct Download link Generator for Blogger
  14. Now copy FILE_ID from first link and paste it to second link by replacing FILE_ID. See below image.
  15. Copy and Paste to Blogger
  16. Example my direct download link will be like this
That's it. Now you can share this direct download link anywhere of your post.

Advanced Tips: Google drive give you 15gb storage per new gmail account and you can use it on any kind of websites/platform like Blogger, WordPress or Joomla etc.