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Perfect Email Marketing Design Tips
At present, still email marketing is king in all over the internet. It will not only improve your site visitors but also boost your sells. But the layout design an email marketing, can influence on your results? And how does this happen?

As a proverb, "A picture is worth for a thousand words." So create an email marketing with proper layout will help a lot to make your email campaign stratiges to reach good results. So in this tutorial, you can better understand how to create the layout of your Email Marketing can help in performance, we separated a number of suggestions that make all the difference. Check it!

6 Design Tips to Create a Perfect Email Marketing

1. Consistency in Visual Branding

The first step is to pay attention to the visual identity of your business. In Email Marketing is very important to follow your color palette, textures, typography, photo style, illustrations and other elements that make your customers recognize on your brand and positioning.

2. "Above the Fold"

When your email marketing opens in the browser or inbox of the recipient, Often it's not appear in full screen: you must use the scroll bar. 

It is very important to create an email that the most relevant information is present in this first viewing range, which is called the "Above the Fold". It often contained breaking news or headline that drew immediate interest.

Moreover, it is important to include a short explanatory text that is offering and also a Call to Action (CTA), asking the email recipient to click a button that will direct you to a download, a shopping site, a blog, to fill a form or other action that you want him to perform.

A good image or illustration can also appear, but we'll talk about it later. See image below for better understand.
Above the Fold Email Marketing

3. Call to Action

This is one of the most important element to create an Email Marketing that seeks conversion. 

Normally, the Call to Action has a bright colors, but it depends on positioning of your company. The Call to Action(CTA) should be short and make clear what is desired action and the advantage of realizing it. In image below, there "SHOP NOW" is a call to action. I received this email from an ecommerce site.
Call to Action Email Marketing

4. High Quality Image and Light Graphics

We must take an action so that the images are not heavy and do not make your email open slowly. Try to use high quality JPEG and PNG format image with low size. You can use Tinypng online tool to compress your image without transparency.

Your email layout always try to keep clean and light so that it's not hesitate readers eyes. A good and professional layout not only improve your readers and sells but also it make people trustable branding on your company.

5. Put images on the left, Text on the Right

Assume that you have a simple, clean and professional layout. Now how you write on this. According to research, reader's eye are more attracted when text put besides of images. So put the image on the left of your text by para. It will improve your visual curiosity that's help readers to continue reading of your next email.

6. Keep it Simple

"A clear message get a better response". The goal of our email is to get your readers to take a simple action. You want them to visit your websites, shop now, form fill up etc. A well designed with simple, beneficial text will get your readers to pay attention and make it easy for them to take the action as your desire.