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Day by day WordPress used increasing to make a simple blog or any kind of website. In addition, the use of WordPress is interesting for you to use your own domain name with it's lot of plugins and features.

For now who started a blog with Blogger and want to migrate their posts to WordPress, see how easy this process with Codiblog! Check out our following tutorial step by step on how to migrate your Blogger posts to WordPress.

1 - Exporting Blogger Posts

From the home screen on blogger(, click setting
Export Blogger Posts for WordPress
Click other and "Back up Content"
Backup Blogger Posts for WordPress
Click on "Save to your computer"
Save Blogger Posts
Note: This file will be saved in XML format with the corresponding date in your download folder. Example: blog-7-31-2016.xml 

2 - Importing posts to WordPress

In the WordPress administration screen within the Tools menu (left), click Import, and then in blogger.
Install Blogger Plugin
You will see a pop up screen that's asking you to install the plugin "Blogger Importer". Click "Install Now"
Blogger Importer WP Plugin
And then "Active Plugin & Run Importer"
Active Blogger Plugin
Click the "Choose file" button. Locate the xml file (which was previously exported) and then click the "Upload file and import"
Import Blogger XML File to WordPress
On the next screen, there will be an option on import of posts, where you can choose to leave posts on the name of the same author as before (the author who was in Blogger), or you can assign them to another user.

In the example below, our posts had been created in Blogger user "Md Jillur Rahman". When you import, we decided to assign these posts to another user, the user "Mini Kano".
Select Author for Posts
Are you ready! Posts imported. You can view them by clicking the Posts tab.
Show Posts
That's it. If you like it or face any problem comment us.