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May be sometimes you deleted your post and page or search engine indexed your post but due to some mistakes it starts to giving 404 error. It may result bad user experience. As a webmaster, we need to fix these kind of blogger 404 error status message from google webmaster tools. It's not only increase seo but also improve user attention.

Blogger 404 Error

Blogger added a new cutom redirect tool in their Search preferences section. By using this amazing tool, we will fix 404 error. You can also use this tool to redirect one post to another post. Let's see how i do that.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your site
  3. Go to Settings › Search preferences › Custom Redirects
  4. Click on Edit › New redirect. See below image
  5. blogger custom redirect
  6. Then you will two text box. In the first box, add the url of post which returning 404 error. If you want to redirect it to homepage, keep second box blank or if you want to redirect it to another post, add reachable post url in second box.
  7. blogger 404 error redirect to homepage
    blogger 404 error redirect to post
  8. After done everything press Save and then Save changes button to finish all process.

That's it. Now If you visit 404 broken post or page url, it will successfully redirect you to homepage or post page. That's give your site better priority to user and search engines.