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google fun
Today we will do some fun with google and i am sure that you will be happy for a few moment. We know that google is a number 1 site in internet vast. There are some funny moment. Let's see.

  • If you want to see google flip-flop, first visit on . Then type in the search Do a barrel roll hit enter and wait a little moment.
  • Go to and type in the search box Zerg rush hit enter then wait for a 10 second. What do you see? It looks like, google it came to an end.
  • Go to and type accurately google gravity trick hit enter then search and click on the first link. What happened? Google going to at the bottom.
  • Hobby playing a guitar, but do not have the money to buy a guitar. So what ! Google does not take any money for his guitar sound. First go to guiter link and play with guitar by mouse and keyboard. You can record also.
  • Go to and type Askew hit enter button then see right side. What you see? is it fun??

So far today. Take care.