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10 Effective Tips to Decrease Alexa Rank Fast
As a conscious blogger, you must want to decrease your website Alexa rank very quickly. Because for a long time, Google page rank is not being updated. So we are now considering the popularity of a site or blog by Alexa rank, domain authority, page authority, moja rank etc. May be you have tried a long time to decrease alexa rank but you have failed because you don't know the right way.

By researching we have found 10 effective tips. We hope you will benefit.

1. Verify Alexa Rank: First you need to verify your site on alexa. It determines that you are the owner of your site. Alexa is very easy to verify. First register your site on alexa. Then claim your site. You can verify alexa by uploading verification file to your server or adding meta tag after <head> tags.
Alexa verify link: Claim Your Alexa Site

2. Use Alexa Toolbar: To reduce alexa rank very rapidly, It's very important to use alexa toolbar. So install alexa toolbar add-on on your browser ( Mozilla or Chrome). By using this toolbar, you can check alexa traffic rank, related links, wayback, search analytics.
Alexa toolbar link: Alexa Toolbar Add-on

3. Use Alexa Widget: Alexa like the site or blog which use alexa widget. Sidebar or footer of your site where you can use alexa widget. It will show alexa rank or backlink.
Alexa widget: See how to add this

4. Always Update: Your blog/site always keep updated. It's very important for any site. Not only it will help you to get huge visitor from search engine but also it decrease alexa rank.

5. Publish Unique Post: In your blog, Always publish unique(copyright free) post. Don't publish copyright content in your site ever. It will keep bad effect on keywords, alexa rank.

6. Search Engine Traffic: Try to get most of visitors from search engines. More visitors come from search engines, your blog's alexa rank will be reduce soon.
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7. Alexa review: Many people don't give important on it. But it's very significant. If your blog about money making, blogging or seo, write a review for alexa and give 2/3 backlink then you will see your blog alexa rank decreasing rapidly.

8. Social Media: Social media is much better to decrease alexa rank. Each post links to your site constantly shares on various social media sites. By this way you find a lot of referral traffic for your site that will improve alexa rank.

9. Blog Comment: Try to blog comment on popular site which have better alexa rank, domain authority and your blog related. Especially when publish a new post on your blog then comment to other site. You will find a lot of referrals from them, and the blog's alexa rank will be good.

10. Guest Posting: If you are new in blogging, it bit more difficult for you to be guest posting. But if you do it, you will get huge visitor from search engines, referral traffic and decrease alexa rank.

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