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bittrex is scam
Scam Rate: 100%

There are many trading site scam in online. We are always try to give you best site so that you don't lose your money to invest in a fake site. Now After many research and invested, we have found a crypto trading scam site. It's called bittrex

What is Bittrex: Bittrex is a crypto trading platform. In past, people can make money by their site but now it's cheating with people.

How the scam works:   After trading a coin, they will Remove the coin from exchange and Don't return the coin to owner. I have invested $100 on this site but after few hours i see that my purchased coin disabled and removed from their site. But my dollar and coin not back in my account.

I have traded with BTC-DRZ = 157557.75831788 = 0.30 BTC

bittrex scam review

After removed coin now i have 0.00000041 BTC in my account and lost 0.30BTC

bittrex scam proof
Then i have sent a message on facebook and i also see that many people faced this same problem.

bittrex 100% scam

So we suggest you, don't invest your money on this site.