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Sign Up options are available in Blogger/WordPress but there are difference. In WordPress user can directly sign up without sending any request. In Blogger you need to add user manually by sending request to their email. After accept request then you can add them as author or buyer.

Author: If you add user as a author, he/she can only post in your site.
Buyer: If you add user as a buyer, he/she can manage all of your site content like create a new post, code edit, widgets delete or add etc.

How to Add: To add user as a author/buyer just follow my instruction carefully. I think that you will be happy to read this.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Then click on your site like
Blogger sign up option
3. Then click on Settings>Basic and from Permissions section click on Add authors like
Blogger create a account
4. After click, you will see a box. Into the box write your user email.
5. Then click on Invite authors. Then your user receive a mail for accept your request. After accept it, you will see your user email there. Default he/she will set as a Author but from this section, you can make him/her Buyer to control your overall site like
Blogger make a admin