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In Google Blogger platform, you can either use the default templates design with simple features but for a professional website you need to use custom/premium templates. In this article codiblog provide you step by step guide how to install a custom/premium templates. Follow that instruction and i am sure you will be happy to read this.

First Login into your Blogger account then click on Blog name where you want to install template

In your blog dashboard click on Template

Now you can choose one of below way to install template

1. Copy and paste from template code - For this way, you need to copy all of your template code. Open your template file by text editor and copy all of code

We recommend to use this way because it will make your site like demo. After copy all of template code, click into the Edit HTML 

When showing template editor, select all of code and paste the new code. After paste, click on Save Template 

2. Upload Template File - With this way, you need to have a .xml template file. Manually All of custom blogger template created by .xml file. In Template tab, click Backup/Restore 

Then click on Choose File and target .xml file from your PC and click Upload.