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Instagram Access Token and UserID
For displaying your instagram photos on your website, you need to provide an instagram Access Token and User ID. It's really easy to generate your own Access Token and User ID. Just follow the steps below and let me know by comment if you have any question.

Instagram Access Token - You can do this by click on below generate button. After clicking, you'll be requested by instagram to authorize codiblog access to your instagram photos, friend lists & profile info. Then click on Authorize. After clicking, you will be redirected to our post page and look into at the end of link on address bar. There you will see your access token. For better understand see below image.

Generate Access Token

Instagram User ID - I updated this post because after changes in instagram API terms of services, this method not work. But don't worry i found a trick to get your own instragram User ID on I personally used this. You can check it from below.

Instagram User ID Tool

If you have any question, you can tell me by comment. I will try to help you with my best consideration.