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Beautiful Lighter jQuery Slideshow Plugin
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A Beautiful lighter and faster slideshow effect created by jQuery. I think that you will like it most.

How to Use - Include jquery.skippr.css inside your head tag and jquery.skippr.js just before the closing body tag.

Be sure to include jQuery before jquery.skippr.js

        <title>Your Awesome Website</title>      

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/jquery.skippr.css">



<script src="//"></script>

       <script src="js/jquery.skippr.js"></script>

Create a target element with divs inside, one for each slide, and add a background image with css or the style attribute. Skippr targets div tags inside of the selected element with background-images applied to them. Put this target element inside of a container element styled and positioned to your liking. The target element will completely fill it's parent container element.

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