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I have search many times to google, how can i limit the_content word so that i can add it to my new project. Finally i have found a solution and thanks to stackoverflow. After crafted it in my project, i have found one bug and here i will share how i solve this. First discuss about code then we will solve problem altogether.

Code - We will use WordPress filter callback function. In your function.php file paste the following code


  add_filter("the_content", "plugin_myContentFilter");
  function plugin_myContentFilter($content)
    // Take the existing content and return a subset of it
    return substr($content, 0, 300);


The plugin_myContentFilter will be called each time when you add  the_content in post/page. From above code, you can change 300 number as your wish for changing word limit.

Problem - If you add above code in function.php file, it will effect on your article is_single page. I have used many method to implement it from function.php file but i have failed.  So i will suggest you to add it in your particular php file. Example below of <?php get_header(); ?>

If you face problem, you can tell me anytime/any issue.