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People are always the most interesting creatures. Because science is still unable to explain fully about human body and mind. At present constantly coming new information about the human body and mind. There are many things that you don't know but it's related with you. Let's learn something about our unknown issue.

1) 6 people living somewhere on earth that looks exactly like you and you have 9% potential to meet with them.
2) People who sat more than 11 hours a day had a 50% higher risk of dying in the next three years.
3) To release your neck and throat pain, try to sleep without a pillow.
4) 3 things that the human brain does not turn out. 3 things are eat, interesting people and danger.
5) Right handed people use right jaw during chewing food.
6) According to Albert Einstein, "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination...,no more men!"
7) You can survive without food for about 4 week/28 days but without sleeping 11 days your death is inevitable.
8) "I believe that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off," says Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist.
9) Our stomach acid that is able to melt the Razr blades.
10) Absently people pay attention to your shoes. It is a matter of human nature.

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