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Which is the most popular way of spending time on Android Phone? Hmm, I can hear everyone taking about the game. Now i will share top 5 android game.

Usually high resolution and great android games need to buy. The modified version is available to download from elsewhere, and you can play them without charge of fee. But legal way, you will find a lot of free games that's enough for you. So let's have a look at the Google Play store for 5 nice Android games.

1. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space
Robhio makes this game for pc, internet and mobile devices. It has gained so much popularity that, use the internet or not, everyone is more or less played angry birds games. One must say, After the play on computer devices, you will have a little trouble to play on phone. But excellent sound and graphics quality will recover this problem. You can take your aim by zoom out with two fingers.

Let's play this games
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2. Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex
You will be surprised to hear that which company made Angry Birds game, they have so far made only two games. Angry Birds was released in 2009. Thus the popularity of the developer company has so busy that they did not get a second chance to making games. However, recently after 3 years they have published their second game by the name of Amazing Alex.

Let's play this game
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3. Temple Run 

Temple Run
Temple Run another popular game on Google Play store. In Temple Run game, you need to steal a statue from temple. Developers intended to simplify your work easier they have done to get out from the temple after the theft. Your job is simplify to run.

Temple Run game you swipe touch for left and right, accelerometer sensor running through the right or left side and jump up and down on the passing touch be done. To go so far, you will get more point and collect coin. Let's play this game
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4. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja
Ninja means fighting. Don't need to fear to hear that. In this game, you need to fighting with vegetables. You need to cut not only melon, apple, orange, pear, coconut, etc. The concept of the game very simple but addictive. In the game these fruits will be thrown to you from at the bottom, you job will be to kill them with finger.

Let's play the game
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5. Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2
Raging thunder 2 is nice game. Especially when we buy a new smartphone, we find the motion-sensitive racing game. In this case need for speed is the most popular game but many handset it's not support. Especially cheap low-end smartphones may be stuck for graphics. So, For this raging thunder is best.

The game is quite straight forward. As career mode, if you want to start excited racing, there are a instant option for this. At the start, you can eat a little more scrub. Let's play the game
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This was 5 fun nice android games. In future, i will post more android games with review and tips.