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Paypie Token Market ICO analysis
PayPie is building the first centralized accounting platform for businesses that will provide real-time information on financial data to achieve 100% accuracy for a credit risk algorithm that can be used globally. Let's analysis Paypie Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
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Token Overview

Token Symbol: PPP
Total Token: 110,000,000 (110 Million)
Token For Contributors: 82,500,000 (82.5 Million).
Price Per Token: 1 PPP = 0.0011 ETH. They only accept ETH (ERC-20).
Token Date: 15. Oct 2017 - 15. Nov 2017 (1 Month)
The rest of the 27,500,000 (27.5 Million) PPP are for the team, advisors, bounties etc. Additional 55,000,000 (55 Million) PPP tokens will be generated and kept as a reserve for one year solely to develop partnerships and future acquisitions to become a dominant market leader.

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Leadership Board:
- Nick Chandi: Co-Founder and CEO
- Jag Barpagga: Co-Founder and CIO
- Anthony Di Iorio: Strategy Head
PayPie Advisory Council:
- Ranica Arrowsmith
- Jack Shaw
- Steven Sprague
- Gary Cokins
Core Team:
- Yohan Varella: CMO
- Pardeep Kumar: Platform Dev. Manager
- Sulabh Singla: Technical Lead
- Bogdan Fiedur: Blockchain Expert
- Rajeev Ranjan: Risk Management Lead
- Ben Samaroo: External Legal Counselor
Country of origin: Canada

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