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Hacking Email Subscription Widget For Blogger

Aug 18, 2016
Today we will design a simple, clean email subscription widget for blogger. By email subscribe widget people can subscribe your feed by writing their email into the box. After subscribe, every time when you add a new post in your site, they will automatic receive it by their email. At present email marketing is king for increase sells and website visitors.

Generate Email Subscribe Widget Online

Newletter id: 
Newletter text: 
Button text: 
Input text: 

Replace codiblog by feed title, It appears at the end of your feed link. I think that it is After write automatically generate a code and you can edit it live. I have highlighted important text by red color so that you can edit it anytime.

How to Add in Blogger

» Go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Add Gadget>HTML Javascript. 
» Paste above code into the box
» Then click on Save
That it Now you can see it in your site.

6 Popular Tips to Make Your Blog More Attractive

Aug 1, 2016
Recently a blog or website make is very easy. For this, simply register a domain, buy a host or hosting server, or use a free service of the various existing. However, this will not guarantee access or engage your readers. You can make your website or blog attractive for you, but that does not mean that will be attractive to all users.

Now we will share some of tips to improve not only in your site but also the users. All these things are no laws or rules and they need to be adapted to the reality of their work.

1. Use appropriate colors

Color convey meaning. There are numerous texts and websites on the internet with some tips on how colors make it. The problem occurs when using a color that conveys the wrong message. Warm colors like red and yellow convey a stronger message and blue and green colors convey cool message. Dark colors tend to convey the idea of something closed or exclusive, while light colors convey open space.

In addition, some websites use complicated contrasts in sites like putting red text on a green background. Always try to use neat and clean color which not irritate in eyes.

2. Highlight the most relevant

Some colors may represent highlight. Add the most current text or some of unique content in your website sidebar. People like to return to sites offering news, updates or content that not found anywhere else.

3. Make your site more human

Many people believe that creating a auto system can make your life easier, but it can also bring the risk of dehumanizing for your site. I mean that a system that research and automatic include content. It's not good for your site. Show your users that there is a person managing the site. Most of the websites share personal information of the authors at the bottom of post. You can also add About us link in your website footer.

4. Interact with reader

One way to show the humanity of your website or blog is to allow the reader's interaction with your website. You can add writing like guest post and commenting system in your site so that reader can share their opinion. If people can share their opinion by commenting, they will come back to your site again for solving problem or something text.

5. Join social network

Join social network like facebook, twitter, google+. Open an account to social network and create a channel or page on these sites. Then interact it with your website. When you published new post in your site, always share it to your pages. At this moment social site is the most popular platform specially facebook.

6. Help search engines to find it

The best way to get new readers for your website through search engines like Google. It's not enough just to have a website. After making a website, you need to think about for search engines. 
Most search engines today work as spider and crawling link on the internet. If you want to crawl your site, you need to submit sitemap.xml file to search engines websites and need to fast index your content. Extra, to improve your seo knowledge, all time try to stay with SEO website.

Do you like these tips? Already use some of them on your website or blog and saw results? Do you have any other different tip to present to us? Comment below and give your opinion or tell your experience. Certainly it will help to enrich not only this text, but also the entire portal!

How to Import Blogger Posts to WordPress

Jul 31, 2016
Day by day WordPress used increasing to make a simple blog or any kind of website. In addition, the use of WordPress is interesting for you to use your own domain name with it's lot of plugins and features.

For now who started a blog with Blogger and want to migrate their posts to WordPress, see how easy this process with Codiblog! Check out our following tutorial step by step on how to migrate your Blogger posts to WordPress.

1 - Exporting Blogger Posts

From the home screen on blogger(, click setting
Export Blogger Posts for WordPress
Click other and "Back up Content"
Backup Blogger Posts for WordPress
Click on "Save to your computer"
Save Blogger Posts
Note: This file will be saved in XML format with the corresponding date in your download folder. Example: blog-7-31-2016.xml 

2 - Importing posts to WordPress

In the WordPress administration screen within the Tools menu (left), click Import, and then in blogger.
Install Blogger Plugin
You will see a pop up screen that's asking you to install the plugin "Blogger Importer". Click "Install Now"
Blogger Importer WP Plugin
And then "Active Plugin & Run Importer"
Active Blogger Plugin
Click the "Choose file" button. Locate the xml file (which was previously exported) and then click the "Upload file and import"
Import Blogger XML File to WordPress
On the next screen, there will be an option on import of posts, where you can choose to leave posts on the name of the same author as before (the author who was in Blogger), or you can assign them to another user.

In the example below, our posts had been created in Blogger user "Md Jillur Rahman". When you import, we decided to assign these posts to another user, the user "Mini Kano".
Select Author for Posts
Are you ready! Posts imported. You can view them by clicking the Posts tab.
Show Posts
That's it. If you like it or face any problem comment us.

Youtube Redesign with Giant Concept

Jul 30, 2016
Redesign something we greatly appreciate. Every blogger need to change their website design per year. If we use same design all time that's looks boring to readers. Every professional web developer first make a website design concept by using photoshop or other tool, then convert it to live.

This time, the Brazilian designer Lucas Nonato make a concept for giant video website and he shared his work by his Behance profile. In his version Youtube gain looking a cleaner and modern.

Check out some details of his project and give your opinion:
Youtube Website Design
Youtube channel design
Youtube page design
Youtube Template Design
Youtube page redesign
Youtube layout design
Youtube Video Player Design

Check all his project on Behance

Smart - Facebook Messenger Chat Bot WordPress Plugin

Jul 27, 2016
Smart is a new WordPress facebook messenger chat bot plugin. It will create a bot which will automatically chat with unlimited users. It works like a smart artificial robot to show latest,popular,random,category posts and custom text option.



  • Make your work easy by next generation artificial robots
  • Dramatically increase website visitors and sales
  • Latest, Popular, Random, Category post
  • Custom Text Option

How it Work

Let’s see, If your customer say
- Client: hi
- Bot: Hello, how can i help you?
- Client: latest
- Bot: It will automatic display 5 latest post
Many popular website now using this kind of bot like cnn, techcrunch, amazon, ebay etc

Facebook Messenger Chat Bot WordPress Demo

Admin Screenshot

facebook messenger chat bot account set up
facebook messenger chat bot text set up
facebook messenger chat bot custom text

Fast Index Your Content in Google Between 3-5 Minutes

Jul 16, 2016
May be you have created a new website or added a new post or updated a post title and content. Now you are thinking that how you will index or update it in google search engine as fast as possible. Because for newer or some older site google take long time to index their content.

Fetch as Google tool help you to index your content so fast like my title between 3-5 minutes. According to Google states, they will crawl the url using this method within 24 hours/1 day. But personally i used this method for my other new blog site and google SERPs it between 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Google Webmaster Tools

First visit Google Webmaster Tools, from home screen click on your domain, expand the Crawl menu and then click Fetch as Google menu link
Google Webmaster Home Screen
Index post fast by Fetch as Google tool

Step 2: Fetch as Google Tool

Enter your new or updated post url into the input field. Don't include your domain name and slash(/), then click on FETCH button. Like see my image
Fetch as Google Submit Option

Step 3: Submit to Index

First need to verify that the Fetch status was successfully. If Google crawl successfully fetch your URL, you can submit that URL to Google index. Just click on Submit to index button.
Submit to Index Google
After click on Submit to index button, you will see a pop up box. From it, you will see two option

  • Crawl only this URL: Select if your URL is new or recently updated it. You have 500 submission per month.
  • Crawl this URL and its direct link: Select if your site changed outstandingly. Google will re-crawl this url and it's directly linked URL. You have 10 submission per month.
Post index fast Google
That's it. After done this, copy your new or updated page url and paste it to google search. Between 3-5 minutes you will see that Google indexed your page successfully. By this way, you can index your page to google search much faster.

How to Disable Blogger to Country Domain Redirecting

Jun 26, 2016
If your blog has been created with blogger and used blogspot sub-domain then you will see that outside of the country visitor will not see your site as .com. Exmaple: Indian people will see it or Italian visitor will see it

Why Disable Blogger Country Domain Redirecting:

By using the local domain Google receives some benefits but you will not receive any benefit. Rather, you will loss your ranking. Firstly, it will effect on alexa rank because it will count different ranking per county redirecting domain and that's not good for your site. At the same time, it will effect on with your facebook like, twitter sharing etc. So, Today i will share a simple but effective code to disable this redirecting.

How to Use:

  1. Login to your Blogger site
  2. Then go to Template>Edit HTML
  3. Click anywhere inside the code area
  4. Press CTRL+F from keyboard
  5. After press, you will see a search box, there write following code and press enter
  6. <head>
  7. Now copy following code and paste after the <head> tags
  8. <script type="text/javascript">
      // Work on both http/https
      /* Get the full URL of the current blogger homepage or other page */
      var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
      /* Do not redirect if the domain is .com already */
      if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {
        /* Replace the country TLD with .com and ncr switch */
        blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, "");
        /* Redirect to the new .com URL in the current tab */
  9. Then click on Save template and you are done.

That's it. Now you can check your url by changing .com to .in. Then you will see this simple code magic.